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Sell timeshare through our open and entirely free forum. Buy Timeshare is a free to use website that allows buyers and seller to sell their timeshare weeks privately. In order to sell your timeshare we suggest that you place your weeks for sale under the correct resort name and allow prospective buyers to request more information from you.

It is advisable to use a reliable ESCROW service or an attorneys or accountants trust account to ensure the security of the purchase which would then be transferred to your account on successful transfer of the timeshare into the buyers name.

Typically, a buyer and seller agree on a price, the purchase price is deposited into a trust account or escrow account and the transfer documents are requested from the resort administrators. There is a transfer cost involved in the transfer of a timeshare and depending on the type of scheme you are involved in, thes…

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Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay, or Plett as it is more commonly known is a fantastic vacation destination with a myriad of activities and accommodation on offer. The most well known accommodation in Plett is the Beacon Island hotel and Timeshare resort shown in the picture above.

Plett is close to Knysna which is know for it’s annual oyster festival, it is close to a number of nature reserves and the forest which are home to the Knysna Elephants.

Plett is a hive of activity during the summer months where the locals experience an influx of Tourists from all over the world as well as the annual migration of the Gauteng residents during the school holidays.

The restaurants are among the finest in the country and include, The Beacon Island Timeshare Resort restaurant, Bellamanga Lodge, Blue Bay Cafe’, Charlies Bistro And Coffee Shop, Ciccio Al Fresco, Emily, Moon River Lodge, Fifty7kloof, Grand, Cafe And Rooms, Hemingways, Hunters Country House, Pan…

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Umhlanga timeshare

Umhlanga Rocks has everyhting that a beach vacation destination visitor could want for.

There are miles of beautiful coastline bordered by some of South Africas finest hotels and timeshare resorts along with an unparalleled holiday experience that is one of South Africa’s most visited and sought after holiday desinations.

The Three most requested resorts on the Umhlanga Coastline are:

Umhlanga Sands

A full range of activities for choldren and teenagers are arranged by the fantastic staff of Umhlanga Sands to give parents some welcomed time out on well deserved vacations. The majority of the timeshares are 1 bedroom 4 sleeper units with a few 2 bedroom units.

Cabana Beach

This oasis in Umhlanga, directly above the main beach and favorite surfing spot along the Umhlanga coastline is a landmark used by visitors and locals alike to determine where they are. A large selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom timeshare units to…

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Timeshare deeds

In South Africa, most resorts are shareblock companies. There are a few sectional title development and some are shareblocks where the ownership is for a predetermined number of years.

Shareblock in perpetuity

This is the most common form of timeshare ownership in South Africa and the owner purchases shares in the shareblock company. Each shareblock identifies the unit number, week number and gives the holder the right to occupy the unit in the prescribed week, the right to allow visitors to occupy the unit, the right to rent out the unit and the ability to exchange the unit through the resorts affiliation to a timeshare exchange organisation like RCI.

each shareblock agreement includes a “use agreement” which will detail the rights and responsibilities of the shareblock holder and must be accepted by the purchaser in order to take transfer of the shares.

Each shareholder in a shareblock development must have a copy of the use agr…

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Buying timeshare resales

We all deserve a vacation at least once a year and by buying a timeshare week on the resale market could save you as much as 50% on the initial purchase price.

Essentially, an investment in a timeshare is intended to save you money on your future vacations and not intented to be a capital investment. You should view it as a long term investment where your return is in the form of future savings and if, after 10 years of savings you make a reasonable return on the sale of the timeshare, it will be the best investment you ever made.

Most timeshare owners hold onto their units, pass them down through the family, allow friends and family members to use them or rent them out when they cannot use them.

We all know the cost of hotel accommodation and in particular foreign hotels and travel costs. Timeshare offers a massive saving when travelling abroad and and just 1 ovberseas vacation could nett you a return on your investment.


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