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Sell timeshare through our open and entirely free forum. Buy Timeshare is a free to use website that allows buyers and seller to sell their timeshare weeks privately. In order to sell your timeshare we suggest that you place your weeks for sale under the correct resort name and allow prospective buyers to request more information from you.

It is advisable to use a reliable ESCROW service or an attorneys or accountants trust account to ensure the security of the purchase which would then be transferred to your account on successful transfer of the timeshare into the buyers name.

Typically, a buyer and seller agree on a price, the purchase price is deposited into a trust account or escrow account and the transfer documents are requested from the resort administrators. There is a transfer cost involved in the transfer of a timeshare and depending on the type of scheme you are involved in, these transfer costs to sell timeshare would be between R900 and R2500 for a share transfer and as high as R5000 or more for a sectional title transfer.

When placing your timeshare for sale please be sure to indicate “private buyers only” if you do not wish to be contacted by timeshare sales agents. We would suggest that you leave the opportunity open to timeshare resale agents as well as timeshare rental companies as they could be in a position to conslude a sale without the hassle of having to deal with the share transfer and documentation required to sell your timeshare.

Selling your timeshare costs nothing and we will not ask you for anything in return. is a website that allows buyers and sellers of timeshare to interact with one another and we do not get involved in any aspect of the sale or rental at any time. We do not charge a fee or request a commission to help sell timeshare units but act merely as facilitators to help frustrated timeshare owners sell timeshare.

19th Oct 2020 2:30 pm